Donald Trump just gave this career advice to 40,000 schoolboys

Emma Haslett
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Trump addressed 40,000 happy campers yesterday. (Source: Getty)

It's not often the leader of the free world takes time out from their busy schedule to give career advice to school kids.

So 40,000 boys were, presumably, thrilled to be addressed by Trump at their National Scout Jamboree yesterday - and be given some free tips on getting rich to boot.

Beginning with "who the hell wants to talk about politics?", Trump spoke about an encounter with William Levitt, a property entrepreneur with a "big yacht" who, later in life, saw his fortunes fall.

"I saw him at a cocktail party and it was very sad, because the hottest people in New York were at this party," said Trump.

"Sitting in the corner was a little old man all by himself - nobody was talking to him. I immediately recognised that that man was the once great William Levitt.

"He said: ‘Donald, I lost my momentum’ - a word you never hear when you’re talking about success. He lost his momentum, meaning he took this period of time off long, years, and then when he got back, he didn’t have the same momentum," he said

“In life, I always tell this to people: you have to know whether or not you continue to have the momentum.

"And if you don’t have it that’s OK.”

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Chequered history

Social media users took the opportunity to point out Bill Levitt, who created Levittown on Long Island, had a chequered history, having introduced a policy of not renting or selling homes to non-white people.

According to New York Magazine, a clause in the standard lease for properties in Levittown stated: "The tenant agrees not to permit the premises to be used or occupied by any person other than members of the caucasian race".

Asked to change that practice, Levitt said: "We can solve a housing problem, or we can try to solve a racial problem, but we cannot combine the two."

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