Britons increasingly see the Single Market as a Brexit priority

Catherine Neilan
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Immigration is still Britons' top Brexit priority. (Source: Getty)

Britons increasingly believe the UK should have access to the Single Market when the country breaks from the European Union.

The Single Market must be the priority for Brexit negotiations, with 49 per cent of people saying it was the most important area for David Davis and his team to focus on, according to Ipsos Mori.

That is up five points from the previous poll, and puts it increasingly ahead of immigration, which is now the priority for 41 per cent of people, down from 42 per cent previously.

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Three-quarters of young people and graduates prioritise access to the Single Market, the poll found, while older people and those with no formal qualifications prioritise immigration control.

Immigration is still seen as one of the main aims of Brexit, with 63 per cent of people saying it was "essential or very important". Just under half (45 per cent) said remaining in the Single Market was essential or very important, while 46 per cent said the same of making no further contributions to the EU budget after Britain leaves. Nearly two in five (39 per cent) say a transition period after Britain has left the EU is essential or very important.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos Mori, said the country was still divided over what it wanted from Brexit "although there has been a move towards the Single Market – but there’s not much confidence in either of the main party leaders to get a good deal for Britain"

While the figures were low, marginally more people still believe the Prime Minister can do a better job than Corbyn, with only 29 per cent saying they were confident he would get a good deal, versus 36 per cent who backed Theresa May in talks.

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