Lord Mayor of London on rainbow tour to convince English regions that finance is a national sector, not just for the City

Catherine Neilan
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Manchester-born Parmley is trying to win the country over (Source: Getty)

The Lord Mayor of London is touring the north of England in the hope he can build bridges between the City and the rest of the country.

Andrew Parmley kicks off his rainbow tour in the Isle of Man today before heading to his hometown of Blackpool tomorrow. After that he will visit Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, meeting senior business leaders and financial and professional services representatives along the way.

The tour will both seek to develop ways in which the City and regions can work together to improve the country's financial services and help firms to export their products and services.

Lord Mayor Andrew Parmley said: “The EU referendum clearly showed how there is a split between London and the rest of the country. The City needs to be better at explaining why the UK’s financial services industry is not just City bankers in the Square Mile or Canary Wharf.

We have a real task on our hands challenging this assumption. The continued growth and success of the City does not come at the expense of the rest of the country. A successful London drives success in the regions and vice versa.

“We need to reiterate how there are over 2.2m financial and professional services workers in the UK, two-thirds of them found outside of London, and that this sector generates over £71bn in tax revenues a year.

“As a northerner, born in Manchester and raised in Blackpool, I am doing all I can during my year in office to help build bridges between the City and the regions, explain how the City supports economic growth and contributes to so many jobs up and down the country. And the City will do all it can to get the best Brexit deal for Britain – a deal which retains market access, hiring rights and other professional advantages.”

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