Microsoft could be about to kill off MS Paint in latest Windows 10 update

Lynsey Barber
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Artist Demonstrates Microsoft Surface
MS Paint has been around for 30 years (Source: Getty)

One of Microsoft's most famous creations looks like it's about to be killed off.

MS Paint, the basic drawing tool beloved by many, is set to be shunned in new updates coming for Windows 10.

The tech company has released a list of the features that will be removed or "deprecated" in the Windows 10 Creators update coming this autumn, and Paint is listed in the latter category.

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That means it's "not in active development and might be removed in future releases".

Microsoft is working on a fancy new version of paint with things like 3D modelling that is likely to replace it in the newest operating system.

But purists who love the simple functionality in a world of Photoshop faffing and remember using it to create their first ever computer generated stick figure will probably morn its demise.

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Paint has also become the foundation for creating many an internet meme. An academic paper published in the journal of visual culture which details a short history of the tool, concludes:

"​The popular use and cultural influence of MS Paint were not caused by technical advancements. Instead, it was MS Paint’s relative underdevelopment that opened up space and opportunity for a style of production that would not have been what it was had its developers scrambled to keep the program up to date."

Paint has shipped on every single version of Windows ever created in an illustrious 32 year run - until now.

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