New chair of the Treasury select committee Nicky Morgan reports Twitter users to the police over Jo Cox threat

Lucy White
Conservative MP Nicky Morgan threats
The threats against Nicky Morgan appeared to be motivated by her softer approach to Brexit (Source: Getty)

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan said this morning she has reported a number of Twitter users to the police, after receiving threats of violence with reference to murdered MP Jo Cox.

The newly elected chair of the Treasury select committee said on Twitter: “To those on my timeline referring to Jo Cox and threatening me with violence because of Brexit be aware you've been reported to the police.”

Morgan, who is MP for Loughborough, seemed to be referring to tweets which lambasted her for her softer stance on Brexit.

“Nicky Morgan is a traitor and needs to resign. She is paid by German corporations to keep us trapped in the single market. Corrupt cow!!” said one tweet this morning.

A shocking response followed, where another social media user seemed to imply that a violent attack on Morgan – like the murder of Jo Cox, who was killed by a patriotic fanatic terrorist – would be justified.

“We voted. When your vote is ignored all you're left with is violence. Nobody wants another Jo Cox episode but...” the tweet read, leaving the ending to be guessed at.

This latest abuse follows Theresa May's decision to call an enquiry into intimidation experienced by MPs of all parties during the last election, both online and in person.

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“I’ve been an MP for just over two years and I can’t remember a single day that has gone by without having received some sort of abuse, whether that be death threats or a picture of me mocked up as a used sanitary towel and various other things,” said Labour MP Paula Sherriff when the matter was debated earlier this month.

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