Vince Cable says he has the same "formula" as Emmanuel Macron

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Vince Cable Is Announced As The New Leader of The Liberal Democrat Party
Will Cable seize a Macron-style victory when the UK next goes to the polls? (Source: Getty)

New Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has said he will offer the same formula to voters as French President Emmanuel Macron.

Cable won the Liberal Democrat leadership contest yesterday after standing for the position unopposed.

He has promised to be the business-friendly option in parliament, and told City A.M. last night: "I want the Liberal Democrats to speak for business. Who else will?"

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And, speaking to the BBC this morning, the veteran MP said he had "a very similar approach" to politics as Macron.

"The Tories have effectively been taken over by hard line anti-Europe zealots and equally we've got the Labour Party in the hands of the hard left," Cable said.

"What I call the centre ground of moderation and common sense has largely been abandoned and we should occupy it."

Cable said that as business secretary he had talked often with Macron, who was the French economy minister at the time. He found that he saw eye-to-eye with Macron on economic policies.

Macron became France's youngest President when he swept to victory in May with 66 per cent of the vote.

Cable has said he is ready to take the Liberal Democrats into an election, but it remains to be seen whether he can pull off a Macron-style victory for his centrist party.

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"[Macron's] basic message to the French people, who were very tired and disillusioned by the traditional right and the traditional left, is that you need something else which is moderate, middle of the road, certainly for reform. And that's exactly the formula that I and my party can offer," Cable said.

Macron won the French presidential election in May (Source: Getty)

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