Brexit talks bogged down by disagreement over citizens' rights, Ireland and the exiting bill

Helen Cahill
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David Davis and Michel Barnier speaking at a joint press conference (Source: Getty)

The second round of Brexit talks has ended with the EU's chief negotiator demanding more clarification from Britain on citizens' rights, Ireland and the UK's financial settlement.

Michel Barnier said that the talks this week were about both sides presenting their positions on various points, and outlining areas where the UK and EU disagree.

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However, he said that this had only been possible "for the issues on which there was a clear British position".

Barnier wants more clarity on how EU nationals in the UK will be safeguarded after Brexit, and how the co-operation at the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will be maintained.

He has also demanded a legal analysis of what Britain will pay to leave the bloc as part of its so-called "Brexit bill".

Brexit secretary David Davis said there was still "a lot left to talk about" regarding the financial settlement, adding that both sides had to show flexibility if they were to resolve the issue.

He said the negotiating teams had laid the groundwork for the next round of negotiations, which will take place at the end of August.

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