Netflix share price rockets on stonking earnings: The four things you need to know

Lynsey Barber
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Netflix's 'Stranger Things' FYC Event - Red Carpet
Success with Stranger Things and other shows has sent subscribers (and shares) surging (Source: Getty)

Netflix continues to storm through our living rooms (and train journeys - thanks download button!) with must-watch shows like House of Cards, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black - here's just how well things are going for them according to its latest earnings.

Shares soar

Up 10 per cent after hours, Wall Street liked what they saw. They were up to $178.60 per share, an all-time high.

At market open, stock remained up, but paired gains, rising more than eight per cent.

Subscriber numbers rocket

The streaming service added 5.2m new members in the second quarter, way ahead of the 3.23m expected.

Netflix's drive into producing its own content has proven successful with several hits and keeping it ahead of competition, such as Amazon. But that comes at a cost - $6bn to be exact, which is how much it said it was spending on original content.

The second quarter is usually its slowest for subscriber growth.

Revenue rises

Also on the up was revenue: by 32.3 per cent to $2.79bn. That was slightly ahead of expectation too.

The US is no longer its biggest market

For the first time ever, there are more Netflix subscribers outside the US: 52.03m versus 51.92m.

This signals just how widespread it is in newer markets than its oldest, but one analyst has warned that many of these subscribers may be on introductory free trials. That will be one to watch in future as to whether it can switch them to paying ones.

It told investors that it expects this growth to bring its first full-year profit for overseas in 2017, however. And estimates for international growth for the next quarter are 3.65m.

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