Happy Monday: Jacob Rees-Mogg is now on Twitter

Catherine Neilan
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Jacob Rees-Mogg is the MP for North East Somerset (Source: Getty)

He may been known as the honourable MP for the early 20th century but Jacob Rees-Mogg knows a thing or two about building his profile 21st-century style.

Witness: a succession of well-received appearances on Have I Got News for You, a memorable cameo in the Spectator's House of Cards trailer spoof and an Instagram account that includes snaps of his latest baby Sixtus alongside shots of him with at work.

And yes, he might have missed out on the Treasury select committee chairmanship but the chances of him becoming the next Conservative leader appear to be on the up.

Perhaps that's why the North East Somerset MP has finally joined Twitter, and his maiden tweet was nothing if not exactly what you'd expect from the man who inspired #Moggmentum.

That's "Times are changing and we are changing with them" if you don't have your Latin-English dictionary to hand. It's less a tribute to Bob Dylan and more an adaptation of an Ovid quote, popularised during the English Reformation, to which Brexit has been compared by some.

We look forward to reading what he has to say on Ed Balls Day.

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