A psychologist has worked out today is the happiest day of the year

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The UK Swelters In Hot Summer Sun
School's out, the weather's decent and the days are long. What's not to love? (Source: Getty)

The sun may not be shining in the capital, but today is nevertheless the happiest day of the year, according to a psychologist.

Cliff Arnall, the founder of Blue Monday (which, incidentally, is the name given to the saddest day of the year, which falls somewhere in the deepest gloom of February), has developed a formula which takes into account factors as disparate (and difficult-to-measure) as emotional connectedness, kindness, health and authenticity.

According to Arnall, who has was commissioned to create a guide to happiness by Jurys Inn, people are at their happiest today because it's right in the middle of the year, schools are breaking up, workers are looking forward to going on holiday, the days are close to their longest, and we're on the cusp of the warmest and driest two months of the year. Plus, of course, it's Friday.

The equation includes emotional connectedness (E), mindfulness (M), kindness (K), health (H), authenticiy (A), friends family and fun (F3), uncertainty (U) and calmness and control (C2). Here it is, in its full glory:

E + M + K + H + (A x F3)


U - C2

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The UK's happiest workers

In May, research by Robert Half found the UK's happiest workers are in Yorkshire, with 74 per cent of Yorkshire folk saying they found their work interesting, while 88 per cent said they got on with their teams and 72 per cent said they had good friends in the office.

That was followed by the East of Englands, the Midlands and the North. London came fifth, with 35 per cent of those working in the capital saying their job was stressful, compared with the national average of 31 per cent. However, 71 per cent said they felt a sense of accomplishment in their work, compared to 63 per cent nationally.

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