Showing the nearest late-night McDonald's and the nearest station with a toilet: Here are the 11 best alternative Tube maps

Hannah Gilby
This one's a geographically accurate map
This one's a geographically accurate map (Source: TfL)

Londoners’ lives have been made ever easier with the Harry Beck Tube map. But Transport for London (TfL) hasn't stopped there.

It has wheeled out all sorts of variants of the classic to provide more tips for traversing the capital. And it’s not just TfL taking inspiration from the old-school Tube map either. From helping us find the nearest coffee shops to the capital’s smaller theatres, here are 11 of the best alternative Tube maps…

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1. The capital’s coffee stops map

Probably the most popular for the caffeine fiends who rely on their morning fuel or their afternoon boost, as this coffee shop map showcases where to find the best coffee in London by station. Created by Chris Ward simply as a piece of art, it’s nonetheless gone down a treat with the capital’s coffee fans.

(Source: Chris Ward)

2. London’s small theatre compilation

Musical fanatic or play enthusiast? Well, this TfL creation could lead to a standing ovation, as it’s a compilation of smaller gems in the theatre world. So it makes discovering new theatres and their closest stations on your day out a whole lot easier. It includes 105 colour-coded venues differentiated by their number of seats.

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

(Source: TfL)

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3. This fashion pun map

No, not the most useful alternative map on here, but still amusing nonetheless. Fashion site Stylight has gone across the whole Tube map and given the stations a stylish twist: Temple becomes Temperley and Blackfriars Little Blackfriars Dress.

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

(Source: Stylight)

4. The toilet Tube map

Perhaps one to keep near after your journey round the coffee shop map… This handy guide from TfL has flagged all the stations around London that have public toilets. So you should never be caught short again.

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

(Source: TfL)

5. The walking Tube map

Whether it be a Tube strike day or you’re simply sick of being crammed up against your fellow commuters like sardines, no worries: TfL has some help. This little number shows the walking distance between stations, so you can see how long it’d take – and that walking might actually be a time saver too.

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

(Source: TfL)

6. The map for people with claustrophobia

With clattering trains and boisterous crowds, stations aren’t the most peaceful of places, and can be a big obstacle for those suffering with anxiety. So TfL has tried to come up with a solution, highlighting periods of the map which have long periods of tunnels and the stations that are underground. A grey overlay features on the stations or sections of the track which are underground.

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

(Source: TfL)

7. The late-night McDonald’s map

This map for the midnight snackers out there is an interactive version of the Night Tube map by app developer Bappz. It shows all the open late-night and 24-hour McDonald's restaurants within 300m of each station, helpfully marked with a McDonald's icon.

Take your pick

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8. The geographically accurate Tube map

Ever wondered why the Tube map isn't geographically accurate? Well, you only need to look at this squiggly compilation to find the answer. TfL made the map and it's strangely hypnotising...

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

9. This very festive Tube map

Yes it's summer at the moment, but you'll be thanking us come winter with this excellent festive map of all the capital's attractions around Christmas, created by Marbles. Or, if you've come over all Grinch-like, it's still a handy guide of what to avoid...

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

Feeling festive? This map should help if not

10. The Shakespeare-inspired station map

To celebrate the 400th year of the bard’s legacy, the folk at Transport for London and Shakespeare's Globe theatre created a special edition map last year. The familiar stops and Lines get a shake-up and instead feature a host of Shakespeare’s famous works and characters.

(Click or tap to view full-sized version.)

11. This map for scooters

Micro Scooters put together a London Tube map for scooting, showing how many minutes it takes to scoot between each station. This is based on "a moderate scooting speed". There's also a calculator so you can work out your exact scooting time between two specific places.

Another way to get around London Source: Micro Scooters

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