Airline bosses fight for liberal airline deal ahead of Brexit

Helen Cahill
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Ryanair has previously said it is looking away from the UK due to Brexit (Source: Getty)

Top airline bosses touched down in the European Parliament today to push for a liberal airline deal with the EU.

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary and Willie Walsh, chief executive of British Airways parent IAG, told a hearing in Brussels that an air transport agreement with the EU was required because aviation is not covered by the World Trade Organisation rules that apply to other industries.

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Walsh was positive the two sides would reach an solution, but O’Leary struck a more negative note, saying: “There is not a legal mechanism on which airlines can operate in a ‘hard Brexit, no deal’ outcome.”

Ryanair has previously said that a hard Brexit will significantly disrupt flights between the UK and the EU and that it plans to move its focus elsewhere as it grows its business over the next two years.

The airline said the lack of information on what Brexit will look like was making it difficult to finalise business decisions.

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