Vote Leave campaign chief Dominic Cummings lambasts "govt morons" over plans to leave European nuclear agency Euratom

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Euratom reagulates the nuclear power market (Source: Getty)

Vote Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings has lambasted government plans to leave the European nuclear agency Euratom as "near-retarded".

In a series of explosive tweets published Monday morning, Cummings said those in favour of the move were "morons", adding the party "keeps making huge misjudgments re what [Brexit] ref was about."

"Boris, Gove, Clarke, anybody sentient, tell May/DD today this is unacceptable bullshit & must be ditched or she will be."

Although Euratom is legally distinct from the EU, the agency requires members to be under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted the UK must withdraw from as part of Brexit.

It is unclear how the UK will replace the procedures and regulations currently managed by Euratom.

But scientists have already warned that leaving Euratom could have a profound impact on the UK's energy production and the wider industry, something which they argue is entirely unnecessary.

Almost 20 per cent of the UK’s electricity supply currently comes from nuclear power stations.

Five of the UK's most senior nuclear scientists, including the chair of the UK Atomic Energy Agency, told BuzzFeed News that the decision to leave Euratom could be disastrous.

Professor Roger Cashmore, the UKAEA chair, warned that by 2025 “you could be doing your writing by candlelight on a typewriter”.

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