These sectors are set for the most Brexit upheaval because of EU8 workforce patterns

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Hotels and restaurants employ high numbers of EU8 citizens (Source: Getty)

A new ONS report has shed light on the sectors most likely to experience disruption if Brexit affects free labour movement from the EU, based on recent working patterns.

In total, the ONS estimates that 1.3m EU8 citizens live in the UK, with Polish citizens the largest single component, around 813,700 people. This is the largest number of citizens resident in the UK of any country outside of the UK.

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A disproportionately high number of workers from the EU8 countries - including Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and the Czech Republic - are employed in the distribution, hotels and restaurants trades (27.6 per cent of the total working EU8 population, against 18.6 per cent of the total UK workforce) and manufacturing (22.9 per cent vs 9.7 per cent).

Construction also employs a relatively high number of EU8s - 8.6 per cent versus 7.3 per cent.

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Banking and finance employs a high number of EU8 nationals, albeit a slightly lower proportion than the wider population (13.5 per cent vs 16.8 per cent). The ONS figures show this sector is particularly popular for citizens from the Czech Republic, employing 31 per cent of those working in the UK.

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