You can now use Twitter for free on Virgin Mobile

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Obsessed by Twitter? Can't get enough of Piers Morgan's latest thoughts? Eager to know just how Justin Bieber is planning to make the world a better place?

Well, if you're a Virgin Mobile customer you no longer have to pay to do those things, after the mobile network exempted Twitter from its data allowances.

Launched today, the move adds to Virgin Mobile's data-free social offering. Last year it removed WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger usage from customers' 4G data allowances.

Virgin Media's managing director of mobile, Jeff Dodds, said customers wanted "innovative new services that really make a difference to them".

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[We're] transforming the future of social messaging on mobile and ensuring our customers never have to worry about keeping connected to the things and people they love.

With an increasing number of videos posted on Twitter and the tendency for sporting events to be shown live on social media, the move will allow customers to watch content without draining monthly allowances.

Last week, Three mobile became the first UK mobile operator to offer unlimited Netflix mobile streaming. Free video streaming has already been introduced in the US by some mobile networks, Verizon and T-Mobile among them, in the battle to win customers.

Virgin Mobile was comparatively late in launching its 4G network, rolling it out at the end of last year. It said more than 87,000 customers access Twitter on a daily basis.

Challengers such as Sky Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer a data rollover service so customers are not faced with a a use-it-or-lose situation on monthly allowances.

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