Theresa May says UK will be 'bold' going forward after Lord Hague warns of Britain losing global influence

Rebecca Smith
May is in Hamburg for the G20 summit
May is in Hamburg for the G20 summit (Source: Getty)

The Prime Minister has pledged to be "bold" on the world stage at the G20 summit, as she looks to step forward from the surprise election result that backfired on the Conservatives.

Lord Hague had warned earlier this week that Brexit will damage Britain's ability to influence world events, telling a House of Lords committee if a player was "less influential in crafting the overall approach of the EU, you end up with less influence in the rest of the world".

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Speaking today at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Theresa May said while the election result "didn't come out as I'd hoped it would", Britain would continue to be a confident global player going forwards.

"There's two ways the government can react to that. We can be very timid and sit back, or we can be bold, and that's what we're going to be," she told the BBC. "We are going to be bold because the UK is facing challenges that we need to address."

May is attending her first meeting of world leaders since the General Election that saw the Conservatives lose their majority, rather than strengthen it as May had hoped to bolster her hand for Brexit negotiations.

The G20 summit will broach a range of issues, from counter-terrorism to climate change, and May is expected to push US President Donald Trump on the Paris climate deal, saying Britain "remains fully committed" to the 2015 deal. May said she was still hopeful Trump will reconsider his decision to withdraw the US from it.

"I was clear to President Trump how disappointed the UK was that the United States had decided to pull out of the Paris Agreement and also clear that I hope that they will be able to find a way to come back into the Paris Agreement," she told the BBC.

Trump meanwhile took to Twitter saying there was "much to discuss" and he will fight for America's interests during his time at the summit.

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