Flash flooding and thunder on the way in London as the Met Office issues a yellow warning for rain (but it's going to stay hot)

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Lightning Strikes Over London Skyline
Thunder is on the way... (Source: Getty)

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of rain for London and the South East, meaning the region could be hit by flash floods as two waves of thunderstorms hit the UK. But the capital will also stay hot and humid: it's the stuff of wardrobe nightmares...

Londoners will be among the first to undergo a drenching as the first band of thunderstorms develops over the South this morning, pushing northwards across parts of the Midlands and East Anglia laster.

The second wave will develop over the North and Midlands, before moving eastwards tonight.

Some 20mm to 30mm of rain could fall within an hour, and 50mm to 80mm could fall within two or three hours, the Met Office warned.

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"While these storms may miss many places, where they do develop intense downpours are likely, bringing the threat of sudden flooding of roads, transport routes, homes and businesses. Lightning and hail may be additional hazards."

The flood warning came as temperatures threatened to hit a high of 28 degrees celsius later today. The capital is expected to remain hot and humid until Saturday, before the mercury falls to 23 degrees on Sunday and a chilly 19 degrees on Monday.

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