Side order of smooching: Deliveroo and Rossopomodoro launch minty snack for international kissing day

Alys Key
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The snack is made with foccaccia, mint pesto and fresh mint (Source: Deliveroo)

Deliveroo has launched a side order it is calling "garlic-less bread", otherwise known as bread.

But the doughy treat has a fresh twist in the form of a mint pesto topping, in honour of international kissing day tomorrow.

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Italian restaurant chain Rossopomodore will be providing the garlic-less bread through Deliveroo tomorrow, targeting nervous first-daters hoping to keep their breath smelling sweet.

The creation comes off the back of a Deliveroo survey of single people conducted earlier this year, which found that one in four had foregone their favourite food when on a date.

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Some even avoided dinner dates completely, because they were nervous about eating certain foods in front of a potential partner.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “Bad breath on a date is an absolute no-no, so we’re delighted that Rossopomodoro have found a way for people to enjoy their favourite Italian food and still end up with minty fresh bread-th”.

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But Deliveroo and Rossopomodoro's creation is by no means the weirdest kissing day product. Pizza Hut is offering an unusual Hawaiian pizza flavoured lip balm to helps its customers fend off "crust lips". Nice.

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