Mapped: London's best and worst broadband areas (City workers, look away now)

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Bored of waiting for downloads? It could be your location (Source: Getty)

If you're a finance worker with broadband problems, a new map may provide the reason behind it: the City of London has among the worst broadband speeds in the capital.

The map, by Oliver O'Brien, a researcher at UCL's Consumer Data Research Centre, shows the City is right in the middle of a massive broadband blackspot which stretches along the Thames to Shadwell to the East, and Westminster to the West. (The darker the pink, the worst the broadband speed; the darker the green, the better).

The City is one of the worst areas for broadband speeds. Click or tap to open the map in a new window (Source: CDRC)

Canary Wharf is another black spot, with average speeds of between five and 10mb per second, paltry compared with the new N1C postcode in King's Cross, the UK's fastest postal code, with broadband speeds topping 70mb per second.

However, Rotherhithe is arguably central London's worst blackspot, with broadband speeds of under five mb per second.

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Canary Wharf is also one of London's black spots. Click or tap to open the map in a new window (Source: CDRC)

In a blog post, O'Brien said his research indicated the centres of cities tend to have slower broadband areas, which is likely to be thanks to the difficulty of installing new infrastructure under narrow, busy streets and through old buildings.

"By contrast, newer housing developments, normally on the edge of cities may come with broadband infrastructure designed in to the plans," he said.

"An alternative argument is that it may be that city centres got the “first wave” of broadband capabilities, many years ago, and people switched then – and consumer inertia means that they are less likely to switch to faster broadband offerings that are now available to them.

He added that the worst speeds were concentrated around the City's residential areas.

"The Barbican Estate has few keen users of ultra-fast broadband. It may be available to them, but the elderly population here may just not want it."

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The worst broadband speeds are in the centres of cities, the research found. Click or tap to open the map in a new window (Source: CDRC)

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