Government sends taskforce to take over Kensington and Chelsea Council in wake of Grenfell Tower fire

Caitlin Morrison
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A mural has been painted near the scene of the tragedy in honour of the victims (Source: Getty)

The government has reportedly put together a taskforce to take over Kensington and Chelsea Council following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire last month.

A taskforce will take control of the local authority's housing department, as well as other operations, the BBC has reported.

There are no details on who will be on the team put together by the government.

Kensington and Chelsea Council has faced criticism over its failure to prevent the fire and how it's handled the aftermath. At least 80 people have now been confirmed dead or missing and presumed dead, although the Metropolitan police said the total number of deaths may not be known until next year.

Yesterday, the council's new leader, Elizabeth Campbell, apologised on behalf of the borough to those affected by the Grenfell disaster.

"This is our community and we have failed it when people needed us the most," she said.

"So, no buts, no ifs, no excuses - I am truly sorry."

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