Michael Gove is now more popular than Boris Johnson, while Theresa May suffers record fall in ConservativeHome's cabinet league table

Catherine Neilan
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Boris Johnson And Michael Gove Address The Nation After EU Referendum Victory
There's probably one person who is still not a fan (Source: Getty)

He may have once been so unlikeable that a game was created solely to allow players to slap him, but Michael Gove is now more popular among Conservatives party members than Boris Johnson.

That's according to ConservativeHome's latest cabinet league table, which has seen Prime Minister Theresa May plummet from the most popular minister to the second least popular, beaten only by party chairman Patrick McLoughlin.

May's record drop of 137 points comes in the wake of her dismal election campaign and subsequent perceived weakness on many key issues, including U-turns on manifesto pledges.

If - or when - she leaves, the league table suggests it won't be Philip Hammond who could pick up the reins - he is languishing as third least popular minister.

Instead, it could be Brexit minister David Davis, who is the most popular, or even Michael Gove, who has shot up the table to become members' second most popular.

"His conduct during last year’s leadership election campaign hasn’t stopped him besting all but one of his colleague," ConHome's Paul Goodman said. "Perhaps we should put him back in our future leader survey."

Far and away the most popular, however, is Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson.

"She out-performs every member of the Cabinet, and clearly would be very competitive for a leadership election were she in the Commons. Which she isn’t – despite the yearning of many Tories (south of the border especially)," Goodman added.

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