Britons spend more than 18 months of their lives deciding what they want to eat

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76% of us have difficulty choosing what we want to eat (Source: Getty)

The fact we eat three meals a day must mean as we get older, we get snappier at deciding what to eat. Right? Wrong.

A new study has suggested Britons spend as long as 35 minutes a day pondering what to eat. That’s four hours a week, or almost nine days a year - a grand total of 18 months in a lifetime.

The poll of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Giraffe World Kitchen, found we take longest deciding what to eat for dinner. While dinner takes 10 minutes, lunch takes up almost six minutes and breakfast takes three minutes.

Here’s the exact breakdown:

Time spent deciding what to have per day:

Breakfast – 2 minutes 56 seconds

Lunch – 5 minutes 48 seconds

Dinner – 10 minutes 22 seconds

Snacks – 3 minutes 48 seconds

Drinks – 3 minutes 31 seconds

Discussing food choices with family/friends/work colleagues – 8 minutes 26 seconds

When it comes to eating out, more than half of those surveyed said their indecisiveness is down to there being so much choice nowadays.

In fact, the average Briton will change their mind twice before settling on what to order, or if it's too difficult, they’ll ask someone else to pick for them. This may all seem a bit messy, but four in 10 of us actually enjoy the process. Bon appetit...

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