Addison Lee sets out the flexible working practices enjoyed by its drivers as it heads into an employment tribunal

Tracey Boles
car service Addison Lee

ADDISON Lee is set to defend its “fair and flexible” working practices at a tribunal which starts this week.

The employment tribunal, to be heard in London, is being brought by three drivers who want to be recognised as workers or employees of the car services group.

In an internal company email seen by CityA.M., Addison Lee ceo Andy Boland states that the firm's 3800 drivers are the “backbone of the business” and that the flexibility of self-employment suits both parties well.

Around 2500 people apply to drive its services each year, and just one in four are accepted.

The drivers can work when they chose, take other jobs if they wish or opt for a career break.

To help them maximise their earnings, Addison Lee builds incentives into its system such as jobs en route when drivers are on their way home. Both earnings and incentives are reviewed regularly

Addison Lee declined to comment yesterday.

In his message, Boland continues: "Our driver community is made up of experienced professional drivers who do a fantastic job serving passengers up to 30,000 times each day. In turn, Addison Lee invests in its operations, technology and driver training to help drivers maximise their earnings. It's a model that has worked well for many years.

"It’s also a model that is helping grow Addison Lee into a global leader in premium ground transport. After a tough financial year to August 2016, the business has returned to sustained organic growth, and recent investments in technology and strategic acquisitions will help boost that growth.

"The relationship between Addison Lee and its drivers remains the backbone of our business and we are committed to maintaining the flexibility and fairness that served both parties so well. We will also continue to review our driver deal as market conditions change, to ensure we attract and retain the best drivers in our industry to work in partnership with us."

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