What 25 popular websites used to look like

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Google launched in 1998

What did LinkedIn look like the first time you visited the site in 2003?

How ugly was Yahoo in 1994?

We found the earliest versions of some of the most visited websites today, like Facebook, Google, and Buzzfeed.

Here's what the sites looked like then, and what they look like now. Web design has come a long way — oh, and the ads have gotten a lot more in-your-face.

Wikipedia: Then (2001)

Wikipedia: Now

Weather.com: Then (1996)

Weather.com: Now

Reddit: Then (2005)

Reddit: Now

Pinterest: Then (2010)

Pinterest: Now

Buzzfeed: Then (2006)

Buzzfeed: Now

Google: Then (1998)

Google: Now

Tumblr: Then (2007):

Tumblr: Now

AOL: Then (version 2.0 in 1994 and 1.0 disk)

AOL: Now

Whitehouse.gov: Then (1996)

Whitehouse.gov: Now

eBay: Then (1995)

eBay: Now

Yelp: Then (2004)

Yelp: Now

Foursquare: Then (2009)

LinkedIn: Then (2003)

LinkedIn: Now

The Huffington Post: Then (on the day of its launch, May 2005)

The Huffington Post: Now

MySpace: Then (2003)

MySpace: Now

YouTube: Then (2005)

YouTube: Now

Twitter: Then (2006)

Yahoo: Then (1994)

Yahoo: Now

The New York Times: Then (1996, note the funny text at the bottom)

The New York Times: Now

Flickr: Then (2004)

Flickr: Now

Facebook: Then (2004)

Facebook: Now

Silicon Alley Insider (pre-Business Insider): Then (2008)

Business Insider: Now

Amazon: Then (1995)

Amazon: Now

Uber: Then (2010)

Uber: Now

Instagram: Then (2011)

Instagram: Now

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