Committee scrutinises George Osborne's £50m package for Manchester University after new appointment

Helen Cahill
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Is there any job George won't do? (Source: Getty)

George Osborne now has more jobs than there are days in the working week, and his new appointments aren't just putting him under strain.

Every time Osborne gets a new position, the government's advisory committee on business appointments has to look it over to make sure it's appropriate.

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Even though it's unpaid, has no official obligations and is not related to government business, Osborne's new job as an honorary professor for the University of Manchester was scrutinised by the group. They even got the most high-ranking civil servant in the Treasury to chip in (he had no concerns).

But the committee did manage to find some points of contention.

Writing to the Evening Standard editor/Blackrock adviser/honorary professor/chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, the committee pointed out that Osborne had visited the university several times when he was chancellor.

In addition, he gave the university £50m in 2011, which was largely used to set up a graphene research institute. Osbrone attended the opening of the institute in 2015.

So was the £50m a massive bribe for a professorship?

The committee concluded: probably not.

But if Osborne suddenly becomes the head of a major graphene manufacturer, eyebrows will be raised.

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