Moany millennials no more: Young Londoners say they're appy without cars and can survive on taxi apps

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Non-car owners do not require parking spaces (Source: Getty)

Millennials are often tagged as a pessimistic, moany bunch.

But how is this for a glass-half-full attitude? Nearly half (46 per cent) of 16-30-year-old Londoners, many of whom might not be able to afford a car in the capital, believe using app-based taxi booking services “can be a good alternative to owning a vehicle”.

The Uber-commissioned YouGov survey of 2,000 Londoners also revealed that 22 per cent who currently own a car would consider not having one if they could more easily get a car on demand by app. The percentage rose to 27 per cent among 16-30s.

Some 34 per cent on Londoners have used an app to book a car in the last year, or 55 per cent among the youngsters.

Some 13 per cent of young Londoners, meanwhile, do not have a full driving licence and have no intention of ever getting one.

Uber’s Jo Bertram said: “These figures suggest that many Londoners are now open to not owning a car and using their smartphones instead.”

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