There are twice as many Brits in Spain than Spaniards in Britain

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Time in the sun: British pensioners in Spain outnumber all Spaniards in Britain (Source: Getty)

There are more than double the number of British people in Spain than Spanish people in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The population of British citizens living in Spain was 296,600 in 2016, compared to 116,000 Spanish citizens in the UK, the ONS said.

Some 78 per cent of Spaniards in Britain work in the public sector (including education and health care), financial services, or the hospitality sector, with half of these between 29 and 39 years old.

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The number of elderly Brits in Spain has jumped “notably”, the ONS said, citing Spanish National Institute of Population Statistics figures which show the proportion of over-65s in the British immigrant population jumping from 32 per cent in 2011 to 40 per cent in 2016.

There are 121,000 British pensioners in Spain, more than the entire Spanish immigrant population in Britain, the figures show.

The British citizens in Spain are concentrated around the coastal areas, with the notable exception of the capital, Madrid.

Southern coastal regions Alicante and Malaga have by far the most ex-pats, with Murcia and Almeria (also on the south coast) the closest behind.

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