Ranked: The greenest London boroughs where homes still cost less than £500,000

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Growth in the capital's house prices may be slowing, but even the thought of buying a home still makes most Londoners wince. Add to that the idea of shelling out for a garden and it's enough to induce an anxiety attack.

Luckily, London is not short of public green spaces - but the leafier the suburb, the higher the house prices. Right? Wrong.

New research by online estate agent Emoov has identified, and ranked, the London boroughs with the most green space where the average house price is still under half a million pounds. So those who don't have £1m to spend on a doll's house overlooking a Chelsea park can still spend some much-needed time outdoors.

Havering takes the top spot: almost 60 per cent of land in the borough is given over to public green space, and with an average house price of just under £363,000, property is pretty reasonable, too.

That's followed by Bromley, where 58 per cent of land is green space, and a home will set you back £433,000, and Hillingdon, where the average house price is £415,716, and 49 per cent of the land is classed as green space.

In fact, London is an impressively leafy city: 32 per cent of the capital is classed as green space, although its average house price is now £527,913. Ouch.

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Borough How much public green space? Average House Price
Havering 59.3% £362,983
Bromley 57.8% £433,008
Hillingdon 49.2% £415,716
Enfield 45.6% £393,414
Redbridge 40.6% £406,522
Hounslow 39.6% £406,976
Croydon 37.1% £367,160
Kingston upon Thames 36.4% £488,416
Harrow 34.6% £473,019
Greenwich 34.4% £368,451
London average 32% £527,913

If you'd rather have that green space to yourself, look no further than Harrow, where just under 35 per cent of the land is private gardens, although with an average house price is £473,000, you'll pay for it.

That's followed by Sutton, where 34.5 per cent of the land is given over to gardens, and homes cost £371,000.

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Borough How much garden space? Average House Price
Harrow 34.7% £473,019
Sutton 34.5% £371,383
Croydon 32.8% £367,160
Lewisham 31.1% £414,721
Kingston upon Thames 30.9% £488,416
Brent 30.3% £482,538
Redbridge 27.4% £406,522
Ealing 25.6% £483,927
Bexley 25.1% £334,053
Waltham Forest 24.4% £432,759
London Average 23% £527,913

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