Where's Sadiq? London mayor Khan blasted for not turning up to City Hall meetings

Helen Cahill
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The London Assembly is not impressed (Source: Getty)

London mayor Sadiq Khan is under fire for not turning up to scrutiny meetings at City Hall.

Members of the London Assembly from all political parties today backed a motion expressing "dismay" at Khan's inability to turn up, and asking that he attend all meetings in future.

Today, he failed to show at a transport plenary to discuss his transport strategy but sent the deputy mayor for transport, Val Shawcross, to cover for him.

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Both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson attended every transport plenary they were invited to.

"This Assembly therefore notes with dismay the current mayor Sadiq Khan's absence from today's plenary meeting and puts on record its strong desire that this is the last time he misses a London Assembly meeting to which he is invited," the London Assembly's motion read.

Gareth Bacon, Conservative leader for the Greater London Authority (GLA), said Khan was trying to avoid scrutiny and that his behaviour was "simply not good enough".

Khan has also been unable to attend monthly City Hall meetings involving the group leaders of the different parties, according to the GLA Conservatives.

Bacon, who proposed the London Assembly motion, said: "This is a first for us at City Hall as both previous mayors showed a level of transparency and a willingness to engage; we have seen no such qualities from the current mayor. A pattern of behaviour is emerging and we will not stand for it any longer.”

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