World's first floating wind farm put together off the coast of Norway

Oliver Gill
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Now erected, the wind turbines will be moved to £200m Hywind site off the coast of Scotland (Source: Saipem)

Engineers in the middle of the North Sea were left far from deflated after the world's first floating wind farm was hailed as a success.

Five wind turbines have been "mated" in the fjordlands on the west coast of Norway. Now erected, the wind farm will be moved across the North Sea to their fixed abode: off the north-east of Scotland.

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The turbines are owned by Norweigan state-owned firm Statoil as part of its £200m Hywind project. Italian oil and gas contractor Saipem was charged with putting the constituent parts together while bobbing up and down on the waves.

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Saipem chief operating officer Vince McCarthy said he was "delighted to have delivered our first offshore renewables project".

He added: "This is a new market for Saipem, and with our longstanding tradition of excellence in engineering and marine operations for oil and gas, we feel comfortable in this arena."

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