Someone's invented a Tube map to help you find the best spot to meet friends so that nobody travels too far

Rebecca Smith
Many variants of the classic Tube map have been created
Many variants of the classic Tube map have been created (Source: Getty)

Agreed to meet a friend from the other side of London and spent ages trying to work out just where is the best place for you both to meet?

Well, now you'll be able to waste far less time on that, for Meetie London has been created, a Tube map which recommends the best places in between you and your friends to meet. Hallelujah.

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(Source: Meetie London)

You input on the app which Underground, Overground, DLR or Crossrail station everybody is coming from, and Meetie London will tell you where you could meet. Warning though: at the moment it is Android only.

The app also allows users to adjust its algorithm to prioritise sharing the travelling time equally amongst you, or to ensure nobody travels a really long way.

Don't rely on it for navigation to these various places, however – that's on you, and it won't be tuned into possible service disruptions or closures. So, do bear that in mind before you set off triumphantly, having found that Elephant and Castle is the best spot for all of you to meet, only for it to be closed.

You could also team it up with this Night Tube map, helping Londoners find their nearest late-night McDonald's. You're welcome.

In fact, here are five of the greatest alternative Tube maps:

1. A handy map for scooters showing the time taken to scoot between each station

2. For those fed up of cramming in alongside fellow commuters, this map showing the number of steps between stations is actually very helpful indeed.

3. These Shakespeare-inspired Tube maps.

4. This geographically accurate Tube map, in case you wondered why that was never rolled out widely.

5. A Christmas Tube map with all of the capital's best festive attractions. Yes, it's summer, but come winter you'll thank us.

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