My House: Award winning Peruvian chef and founder of Ceviche, Martin Morales

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"We live in a Victorian house in west London with a little garden. The area is perfect for our family, with Richmond Park only 300m away; I go running there a couple of times a week and we cycle there as a family. It has a nice open kitchen where we film our YouTube videos, and an office where I work and play my vintage vinyl. It’s full of light, with big windows everywhere. We love colour, art and music and these play a key role in our decorations, inspiring our children to be creative and making us feel upbeat.

"I love collecting. I collect rare dried ingredients from the Andes and the Amazon region of Peru, my home country. My cabinet housing these looks like a mad scientist’s cupboard! I collect contemporary Peruvian art and Peruvian folk art. I also collect cookery books – especially ones from Peru – and more generally rare books from around the world. I collect vinyl records, mostly jazz, funk, soul and latin. These are mainly 45s, which is what I DJ with, but I also have some 78s; those ones tend to be mambo and jazz. Like Peru and food, music is in my blood, so every room has a music system and there is never a moment of silence. It’s always filled with harmonies, melodies and cooking. And a bit of junk TV every once in a while.

"At Ceviche Old St we have an art gallery featuring 50 of Peru’s top contemporary artists. If an artwork is in storage, I sometimes borrow it for a while, so these feature all over our house. I also have works that have been given to me, or that I’ve picked up over the years. I’ve got an award-winning photo of a gorilla named Mjukuu, signed by the lovely Dave Brown; a spooky William Burroughs signed print; a miniature Christiaan Nagel ‘Mushroom’ sculpture (which he gave me as an apology for placing a life size version above Andina and scaring our customers); and a work by Peru’s equivalent of Picasso, the master Victor Delfin. I treasure these things dearly.

"We used to live in a three storey house near Richmond Park when I worked in the music industry, but I sold it five years ago to become a chef and open the first real Peruvian restaurant in London. When I started Ceviche in Soho I worked 80 hour weeks for the first three years and hardly saw my wife and our kids but now things are better and I can enjoy family life a little more, be home a little earlier and also work from home sometimes."

Martin Morales’ second cookbook, Andina: The Heart of Peruvian Food, launches 5 October

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