Pride in London 2017 celebrations get underway as the capital's transport gets a rainbow revamp

Rebecca Smith
The capital's transport is getting a rainbow makeover
The capital's transport is getting a rainbow makeover (Source: TfL)

Celebrations for the Pride in London fortnight have kicked off, with more than 60 events planned for the capital starting.

More than a million people are expected to line the capital's streets to celebrate diversity in London.

This year's Pride parade will take place on Saturday 8 July, with 81 floats and 231 walking groups, led by the mayor of London Sadiq Khan, alongside representatives of the Pride in London board and City Hall.

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The rainbow flag will fly outside City Hall for the coming fortnight too.

For the period, TfL will transform the windows of Tottenham Court Road with a rainbow design, and giving the roundels of Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus a rainbow revamp.

(Source: TfL)

(Source: TfL)

Cyclists with a penchant for Boris bikes will also note Santander Cycles in Soho have been decorated with rainbows too, while bus stops lining the parade route will also be dressed up.

The mayor said:

Pride in London is one of the iconic festivals of our city and underlines our reputation as one of the most LGBT+ friendly places on the planet.

We have faced an extremely difficult time in London recently, with terrorist attacks and extremists trying to sow division and discord.

Pride is another great demonstration of how London will always stand united – and how we will always be a beacon of inclusiveness, acceptance and diversity.

Above all, it shows that London is open to all people, regardless of background, religion, race, gender, disability, age or sexuality.

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