"Uber is TK and TK is Uber": Travis Kalanick begged by more than 1,000 employees to return as firm's boss

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Former Uber boss Travis Kalanick resigned earlier this week (Source: Getty)

Uber employees have rallied behind former chief executive Travis Kalanick, with a petition being circulated demanding that he is reinstated.

Kalanick resigned from the top job at Uber earlier this week following months of speculation on his future after a series of public blunders.

But such a move has not been accepted by some managers at the firm, which have circulated a petition to employees, according to reports by BuzzFeed news.

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One email states:

Uber is TK and TK is Uber... no matter his flaws (everyone has them) was one of the best leaders I have seen.

The email labelled Kalanick's departure "deeply, deeply upsetting, disappointing and disheartening". It urged staff to email Uber board members including co-founder Garret Camp, Arianna Huffington and Bill Gurley, who yesterday announced he was following Kalanick and leaving the firm's board.

A link to an internal petition was circulated by other staff members in separate correspondence. Reports by Gizmodo earlier this morning indicated more than 1,000 employees had already called for Kalanick to be brought back.

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Open email to staff from Uber product manager Michael York


To say the last day has been rough would be the understatement of the year. I was totally crushed last night when I read the news of Travis’ resignation.

As many of you know, I joined Uber at 18 dropping out of my freshman year of college. I ditched my education to be here because I was in complete awe of the incredible people around me. I was having the time of my life making something out of nothing with this insanely smart, driven, familial group of people. Of course, no one inspired my decision more than Travis.

In just my first few months at Uber, Travis validated what I’d felt for a lifetime: that it didn’t matter where you’d worked. How old you were. How many times you’d failed. All that mattered was what you were capable of. He’s always been every Builder’s greatest champion, and it’s why many of us are here today.

Nearly everyone I’ve spoken with who’s met him has an amazing story to tell about how Travis motivated them to to do their best work; how he made them believe they could be greater than the sum of their parts; how he had their back in moments of doubt, even when it came at his expense.

In this moment of frustration, all I can think to do is what he would have done. Work harder than ever to make things right.

Nobody is perfect, but I fundamentally believe he can evolve into the leader Uber needs today and that he’s critical to its future success. I want the Board to hear from Uber employees that it’s made the wrong decision in pressuring Travis to leave and that he should be reinstated in an operational role.

My ask is simple: one click (and an optional note) to express your support for Travis’ return. The form is totally anonymous. I will deliver the results to the Board. Please feel free to forward this note – every click counts.

With lots of love,


Source: BuzzFeed News

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