It's been a tumultuous 12 months since the UK's Brexit vote: Here's how we covered it

It's been a long road... (Source: Getty)

A year ago today, then-PM David Cameron and top Leave campaigner Michael Gove appealed to City A.M. readers as Brits went to the polls in the great Brexit referendum.

A lot's happened since then. We've seen legal challenges, political melodrama, market highs and currency lows.

The civil service has attempted to get match fit ahead of negotiations, EU leaders have formed a (relatively) united front and all eyes have been on the UK economy - which has, so far, remained in pretty good health.

But now inflation is biting, wages are flatlining and growth is slowing. Theresa May went to the country asking for a mandate, and the country pushed back.

Can she turn things around? Will Brexit be softened? Will it even come to pass? Whatever the next 12 months bring, you can count on City A.M. to cover it in style.

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