Margaret Hodge’s Garden Bridge review is being scrutinised for breaking parliamentary rules

Shruti Tripathi Chopra
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Dame Margaret Hodge’s review found that the Garden Bridge should be scrapped

​Dame Margaret Hodge’s review of the Garden Bridge has come under scrutiny by the parliament.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards is looking into claims Hodge broke rules while conducting her review of proposals for a bridge across the Thames in London. She was appointed by London mayor Sadiq Khan to assess proposals for the tourist attraction in October 2016.

The Barking MP concluded in April this year that the project should be scrapped. Hodge said that £37.4m had already been spent on the project and even if the project did not go ahead it would cost the taxpayer £46.4m.

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London Assembly member Andrew Boff, a long-term opponent of the Garden Bridge, said: “This shoddily-conducted review has been a total farce from start to finish. Dame Margaret Hodge has eroded all credibility in the judgement by her sloppy methods of investigation.”

“This is a serious matter, one that has already cost the taxpayer a minimum of £46m, yet this review has been taken anything but seriously.

“The mayor needs to explain why the decision was suddenly taken to pay Dame Hodge £9,500 and why there was not greater scrutiny on her ability to conduct the review.

“Having forked out almost £50m, Londoners deserve some answers.”

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