Queen's Speech: The best (and funniest) Twitter reactions

Emma Haslett
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"We are actually a little bit amused" (Source: Getty)

This year's Queen's speech was didn't involve the usual pomp and ceremony - for one, it was planned in a matter of days. For another, Prince Charles took the place of Prince Philip, who was hospitalised overnight.

Twitter, though, did its best to make us all feel like things were normal. Here's what happened:

Speculation was rife before today's Queen's speech

But the pomp really began when Lords took their places

... and Black Rod knocked at the door of the Commons

Dennis Skinner made his usual quip

... and MPs assembled at the Bar

Certain traditions were left out this year

And the Queen wasn't wearing her crown - but there were comments about her choice of hat...

Quite a few, actually


Some reminisced about days gone by

Some were just... confused

And just like that, it was over

The last word was left to Her Majesty...

... before she headed off to enjoy a day at the races


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