The Queen's speech: All of the bills mentioned

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The State Opening Of Parliament 2017
The Queen announced the government's priorities (Source: Getty)

The Queen’s speech at the formal opening of parliament has set the minority Conservative government’s agenda for the next two years.

There are 24 separate bills, with eight related directly to Brexit.

Here are all the bills it mentioned and what they will actually try to achieve:

Repeal bill

  • Repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and convert EU law into UK law as we leave the EU
  • Create temporary powers for parliament to make secondary legislation
  • Replicate the common UK frameworks created by EU law in UK law

Customs bill

  • Create a standalone UK customs regime on exit
  • Ensure changes can be made to the UK’s VAT and excise regimes to ensure that the UK has standalone regimes on EU-exit.

Trade bill

  • Put in place the legislative framework to allow the UK to operate its own independent trade policy upon exit from the European Union.

Immigration bill

  • Allow for the repeal of EU law on immigration, primarily free movement
  • Make the migration of EU nationals and their family members subject to relevant UK law once the UK has left the EU

International sanctions bill

  • Return decision-making powers on non-UN sanctions to the UK
  • Enable the UK’s continued compliance with international law after Brexit

Nuclear safeguards bill

  • Give the Office for Nuclear Regulation powers to take on the role and responsibilities required to meet international safeguards, and nuclear non-proliferation obligations

Agriculture bill

  • Put in place a post-Brexit system to support UK farmers and protect the environment

Fisheries bill

  • Give UK responsibility for access to fisheries and management of its waters.

Automated and electric vehicles bill

  • Allow the regulatory framework to keep pace with the fast evolving technology for electric cars, helping improve air quality
  • Provide for the installation of charging points for electric and hydrogen vehicles
  • Extend compulsory motor vehicle insurance to cover the use of automated vehicles, to ensure that compensation claims continue to be paid quickly

Space industry bill

  • Create new powers to license a wide range of new commercial spaceflight, including vertically launched rockets, spaceplanes, satellite operation, spaceports and other technologies
  • Create a regulatory framework to manage risk in commercial spaceflight

High-speed rail bill

  • Provide the powers to build and operate the next stage of the HS2 network between Birmingham and Crewe.

Smart meter bill

  • Extend, by five years, powers to make changes to smart meter regulations
  • Introduce a Special Administration Regime to ensure the continuing operation of the national smart meter service if the provider becomes insolvent

National Insurance contributions bill

  • Legislate for National Insurance contributions (NICs) changes announced at previous fiscal events (Budgets and Autumn Statements)

Travel protection bill

  • Update the Air Travel Organisers’ Licence (Atol) scheme, to align it with enhancements to the package travel regulations that predate people booking their holidays on the internet

Draft tenants’ fees bill

  • Ban landlords and agents from requiring tenants to make any payments as a condition of their tenancy (except rent, a capped refundable security deposit, a capped refundable holding deposit and tenant default fees)
  • Cap holding deposits at no more than one week’s rent and security deposits at no more than one month’s rent

Draft domestic violence and abuse bill

  • Establish a Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner
  • Define domestic abuse and create a consolidated new domestic abuse civil prevention and protection order
  • Ensure that if abusive behaviour involves a child, then the court can hand down a longer sentence

Civil liability bill

  • Ban offers to settle claims without the support of medical evidence and introduce a new fixed tariff of compensation for whiplash injuries with a duration of up to two years

Courts bill

  • End direct cross examination of domestic violence victims by their alleged perpetrators in the family courts and allow more victims to participate in trials without having to meet their alleged assailant face-to-face
  • Introduce digital services which will allow businesses to pursue their debt recovery cases more quickly
  • Allow more leadership positions in the judiciary to be offered on a fixed-term basis, and enabling judges to be deployed more flexibly

Financial guidance and claims bill

  • Establish a new statutory body, accountable to parliament, with responsibility for coordinating the provision of debt advice, money guidance, and pension guidance
  • Transfer the regulation of claims management services to the Financial Conduct Authority, and transfer complaints-handling responsibility to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Goods mortgages bill

  • Increase protections to borrowers who have taken out a mortgage on goods that they own, such as their car (a “logbook loan”)
  • Provide safeguards if borrowers get into financial difficulty

Armed Forces (flexible working) bill

  • Enable forms of part-time service and limited geographic employment within the Regular Armed Forces
  • Enable service personnel returning from special leave including maternity, shared parental and adoption leave to have more options to support an easier transition back into duty

Data protection bill

  • Give more control over personal data including a right to be forgotten when individuals no longer want their data to be processed
  • Establish a new data protection regime for non-law enforcement data processing, replacing the Data Protection Act 1998

Draft patient safety bill

  • Establish the Health Service Safety Investigation Body in statute, providing it with powers to conduct independent and impartial investigations into patient safety risks in the NHS in England
  • Create a prohibition on the disclosure of information held in connection with an investigation conducted by the Health Service Safety Investigation Body, enabling participants to be as candid as possible

EU (approvals) bill

  • Implement changes to international agreements between the EU and non-EU countries.

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