Speculation mounts that Donald Trump's UK visit will be postponed after Queen's Speech omission

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President Trump Meets With British PM Theresa May At The White House
Theresa May visited Donald Trump in the US in January (Source: Getty)

Speculation is mounting that Donald Trump’s visit to the UK will be postponed after there was no mention of the US President in the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday.

Trump was expected to visit the UK in late summer or early autumn, but this trip appears to have been put off.

Downing Street said an invitation to Trump had been extended and accepted but declined to say when the visit would take place.

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Earlier this month the White House and Downing Street denied that Trump wanted to delay his visit over fears that the British public does not like him.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May visited Trump shortly after his inauguration in January.

She told a press conference that Trump and his wife Melania had accepted an invitation to visit the UK, and they were expected to do so this year.

According to reports, Trump’s visit was originally planned for June and was then pushed back to October.

The fact the visit was not mentioned in the Queen’s Speech has sparked speculation that it will no longer take place this year.

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