London mayor Sadiq Khan plans to cut three million car journeys in London a day and trial more closures of streets to motor traffic

Rebecca Smith
The mayor wants to encourage more people to opt for walking, cycling and public transport
The mayor wants to encourage more people to opt for walking, cycling and public transport (Source: Getty)

London mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled his transport strategy including chopping car journeys in the capital, and creating more traffic-free areas with trial closures of streets to motor traffic.

Khan has set a target of cutting car journeys in the capital by three million a day, and increasing the proportion of people walking, cycling and taking public transport to 80 per cent of journeys by 2041.

The consultation set out plans for more traffic-free areas to be created, starting with the transformation of Oxford Street, and more trial closures of streets to motor traffic.

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Bus routes are being changed to give more reliable journeys, and from next year all double-decker buses will be hybrid, electric or hydrogen.

A focus on actually delivering 4G mobile communications to the Tube is also mentioned in the strategy, as one of "the most high profile 'not spots' in the country".

The mayor has also laid out a commitment to make the entire transport system zero emission by 2050, through a "phased approach", building on the upcoming introduction of the ultra low emission zone and the T-charge.

Khan also acknowledges the need to make transport more accessible in London, with Transport for London (TfL) and the mayor working to halve the additional journey time required by those using step-free network only, which will involve making more Tube and rail stations fully accessible.

The mayor hasn't given up on his hunt for devolution either, saying he continues to make the case to government for devolution of stopping suburban rail services from mainline central London stations.

Mayor Sadiq Khan, said:

We simply cannot afford to take the same old approach to travel as our growing population puts increasing pressure on our network.

That’s why today I’m setting out a new long-term vision for our capital – one that puts walking, cycling and zero-emission public transport right at the heart of our day-to-day lives.

So while we are delivering affordable, reliable and accessible transport through the improved services and new infrastructure that we need, we’re also changing the whole way we look at transport as a whole.

A consultation on the mayor's transport strategy is open to public consultation until 2 October.

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