Soon Uber riders will pay a fee for leaving their driver waiting

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Taxi Drivers Protest Possible Uber Expansion In NYC
Uber is making changes to the way drivers are paid (Source: Getty)

Technology giant Uber has unveiled a series of changes to the way it pays its drivers, including charging customers for leaving their Uber driver waiting at the pick-up point.

Uber is working to rebuild its reputation after coming under fire for accusations of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Its new 180 Days of Change campaign aims to "make meaningful change" to the Uber driving experience by prioritising the driver's time and rewarding their efforts.

That means riders will soon start paying a per-minute fee while their Uber driver waits at the pick-up point from two minutes after the driver's arrival. The fee will be the same as the product in that city. It's currently 15p per minute for UberX in London.

Drivers will also earn a cancellation fee if their rider cancels after two minutes, down from a previous window of five minutes. Cancellation fees are also set on a city-by-city basis.

These changes are already available in a number of US cities, and the plan is to roll them out to all US drivers by August 2017.

The bulk of the changes will be rolled out globally by the end of the year.

Uber is also introducing in-app tipping, which is the most requested feature by drivers.

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