In pictures: Check out Airbus' new and improved A320 interior

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Airbus is providing tangible benefits to passengers
Airbus is providing tangible benefits to passengers (Source: Airbus)

Airbus today announced the award-winning interior design for its A320 aircraft to provide additional comfort, ambience and service.

The new design features the largest overhead bin in its class. The spacious overhead storage compartment allows eight bags instead of five per four-frame bin, and it also accommodates bigger and heavier bags stowed vertically.

"More overhead space means quicker boarding times, a value-add for passenger, and a better overall experience," said Ingo Wuggetzer, vice president of cabin marketing.

For a better on-board experience, iconic, ambient ceiling lighting begins at the entrance and continues through the aircraft, and custom-cabin mood lighting is available in 16.4m colour options.

Another reason for passengers to cheer: Airbus has introduced one more inch at shoulder level for added personal space, and a new window design gives passengers more window space and an unobstructed view, which it says evokes the feel of the A350.

Take a look for yourself...

Ambient lighting will make for a more peaceful journey (Source: Airbus)

An inch more shoulder space? Yes please (Source: Airbus)

Light patterns greet passengers at the entrance of the cabin (Source: Airbus)

The new windows have been upgraded (Source: Airbus)

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