David Davis: UK's post-Brexit relationship with the EU will be "strong and special"

Emma Haslett
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Davis (left) said the UK's partnership with EU must be "strong and special" (Source: Getty)

So much for strong and stable: the UK's relationship with the EU after Brexit will be "strong and special", David Davis has said.

Arriving in Brussels on the first day of Brexit negotiations today, the Brexit secretary told the Press Association we UK's negotiating team was starting talks in a "positive and constructive tone".

"[We are] determined to build a strong and special partnership between ourselves and our European allies and friends for the future," he added.

Meanwhile, Michel Barnier, the man tasked with negotiating Brexit on behalf of the European Union, said he looked forward to "constructive" Brexit talks, according to the AFP.

Yesterday chancellor Philip Hammond caused consternation by throwing his weight behind businesses calling for a meaningful transition period to avoid a "damaging" Brexit - effectively suggesting the UK should avoid a so-called hard Brexit.

"We need a transitional arrangement to get from where we are now to whatever future arrangements we agree with the EU.

"The most important ask from business – almost more important than what the end result looks like – is that we have a smooth path to get there. Because anything that created a cliff edge in 2019 would be very, very damaging to the UK economy.”

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