Boeing launches 737 Max 10 at Paris Air Show in bid to unseat Airbus' A321neo

Rebecca Smith
Boeing is hoping its new model will unsettle Airbus
Boeing is hoping its new model will unsettle Airbus (Source: Boeing)

Boeing's rivalry with Airbus is heating up as the American aerospace giant officially unveiled its Boeing 737 Max 10 at the Paris Air Show today.

The much anticipated new version of its 737 Max single-aisle aircraft, a stretched version of the narrow-body passenger jet, has been unveiled in all its glory.

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The new model will seat more passengers too, up to 230, and is 66 inches longer than the Max 9 at 143ft 8in.

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The aircraft is a response to Airbus's popular A321neo narrow-body jet, which boasts both long range and high fuel efficiency. And to show it's really throwing down the gauntlet, Boeing said it will unveil orders and commitments for more than 240 of the new jets from more than 10 customers, throughout the week.

The first customers to be announced were BOC Aviation, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with BOC Capital for 10 planes, and GE Capital, which has converted 20 orders.

CDB Aviation and Tui Group have also signed up, with CDB requesting 10 jets, and Tui converting 18 orders to the aircraft.

Boeing said its 737 Max 10 will be the airline's "most profitable single-aisle airplane, offering the lowest seat costs ever".

"The 737 Max 10 extends the competitive advantage of the 737 Max family and we're honoured that so many customers across the world have embraced the outstanding value it will bring to their fleets," said Boeing commercial airplanes president and chief executive Kevin McAllister.

"Airlines wanted a larger, better option in the large single-aisle segment with the operating advantages of the 737 Max family. Adding the 737 Max 10 gives our customers the most flexibility in the market, providing their fleets the range capability, fuel efficiency and unsurpassed reliability that the 737 Max family is widely known for."

Airbus's sales chief, however, said he didn't view the new Boeing model as a rival to the A321.

"We think the 737 Max10 is a competitor to the 9 and that's why a lot of people are converting," Reuters reported John Leahy saying.

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