The world's biggest passenger jet gets a revamp: Airbus outlines A380 upgrade to up efficiency

Rebecca Smith
Airbus hopes the design will result in flying sales
Airbus hopes the design will result in flying sales

Airbus has unveiled plans to upgrade the world's biggest passenger jet ahead of the Paris Airshow.

The A380plus will have room for more seats and greater fuel efficiency, according to the aerospace giant.

Airbus said the cabin will be improved to allow for up to 80 extra seats "with no compromise on comfort", and a new wing design will bolster aerodynamics.

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John Leahy, Airbus' chief operating officer for customers, said: “The A380plus is an efficient way to offer even better economics and improved operational performance at the same time.”

(Source: Airbus)

He added: “It is a new step for our iconic aircraft to best serve worldwide fast-growing traffic and the evolving needs of the A380 customers.

"The A380 is well-proven as the solution to increasing congestion at large airports, and in offering a unique, passenger-preferred experience.”

The move is a fresh effort by Airbus to improve sales for the A380, after airlines opted for smaller twin-engine jets, as they cost less both to fly and maintain, although they carry fewer passengers.

These tweaks by the aerospace firm will allow for "up to four per cent fuel burn savings", as the winglets are designed to reduce drag.

Airbus said the plane will cut costs for airlines by 13 per cent per seat.

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