Labour takes three point lead over the Conservatives, says new Survation poll

Rebecca Smith
Jeremy Corbyn's party is on the march in popularity, says Survation
Jeremy Corbyn's party is on the march in popularity, says Survation (Source: Getty)

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party has overtaken the Conservatives in popularity, according to a new poll by Survation for Good Morning Britain.

The poll gave the Labour party a three point lead over Theresa May's party, with 44 per cent of respondents backing Labour, 41 per cent favouring the Conservatives, six per cent for the Liberal Democrats and two per cent for Ukip.

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The poll, conducted a week after the election result, indicated that there had been "a dramatic change in the fortunes of the two main parties" since it first conducted a poll for GMB on 9 May.

Labour hasn't just closed the 17 point gap it was trailing the Conservative party by; it has now created a lead of its own.

The polling firm said if an election was called tomorrow, Survation's latest figures would make Labour the largest party in terms of seats, but still short of an overall majority.

Survation, which predicted the 2017 General Election result of a hung parliament correctly, said it does not have a special "turnout filter", but takes people at their word in terms of their intention to vote for a party.

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"Other polling companies chose, to varying degrees, to disregard what voters told them, boosting their Conservative lead over Labour in their headline numbers," the polling firm said.

The election earlier this month sprung a surprise result for many, with the Conservatives losing their majority. Theresa May has since been in talks with Northern Ireland's DUP in an effort to reach a deal to secure the support of the 10 DUP MPs.

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