Philip Hammond: Tories would have done better if campaign focused on economy

Caitlin Morrison
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The Tory manifesto should have focused on the economy, Hammond said (Source: Getty)

Chancellor Philip Hammond said the Conservative party made a mistake in failing to focus its election campaign on the economy – which would have led to a "rather better" result.

On ITV's Peston show this morning, Hammond was asked why he hadn't been seen much during campaigning. The chancellor replied that it was "because the campaign did not focus on economic issues".

"I think it was a mistake of the campaign not to focus more on an area where we have a great story to tell," Hammond said.

"If we had focused on those areas we might have done rather better."

The chancellor added: "I think it was a mistake that we didn't spend more time and resource taking apart Jeremy Corbyn's economic proposals."

The Labour party's economic plans were "incredible" and would have done great harm to the UK's finances, the chancellor said.

In an earlier appearance on the Andrew Marr Show this morning, Hammond made another reference to the lack of economy-based campaigning.

"In my judgment, we didn't talk about the economy as much as we should have done," he told the BBC presenter.

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