Fancy a £45,000 sun lounger complete with an SPF facial misting system, solar-powered phone charger and a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Rebecca Smith
Sun, sea and very pricey sun loungers
Sun, sea and very pricey sun loungers (Source: Simba)

With temperatures set to reach 30 degrees in the capital over the weekend, many will probably crack out the deck chairs to catch some summer sun.

But mattress maker Simba has gone a step further: it has spent seven months working on a rather snazzy sun-lounger complete with an SPF “facial misting system”, drink cooler and solar powered phone charger.

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The Simba Blue is “the world’s most advanced sun lounger” according to the firm and is actually available for use at beach club Blue Marlin Ibiza.

It’s also available for pre-order for a limited time for a cool £45,000.

What else do you get for that eyebrow-raising price? An in-built safe to store your valuables, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and an “ambient LED parasol system” which features a sleep-inducing shade of amber on an evening FYI. And to make sure you don’t end up with sunburn there’s actually Violet-Plus technology to monitor UV and track Vitamin D.

Oh, and there are cooling ventilation channels to help regulate temperature.

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As for that SPF50 facial misting system mentioned above that’s included in the headrest, that features aloe, rosewater and bamboo, because of course it does.

And to really ramp up the image of relaxation, Simba said it’s developing an app to have food and drinks delivered from bar to the sun lounger.

It's not the first time Simba has branched out from its mattress making efforts. In fact, last month it unveiled what it billed as the world's most advanced airline seat that monitors noise and temperature.

Check the Simba Blue sun lounger out in all its glory:

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