Cuba's not happy about President Donald Trump's "coercive methods" as US sets up restrictions on trade and travel

Rebecca Smith
Trump called the previous arrangement one-sided
Trump called the previous arrangement one-sided (Source: Getty)

The Cuban government of Raul Castro has criticised President Donald Trump's new restrictions on US ties to the country, saying they are "destined to fail".

It said Trump was resorting to "coercive methods of the past" that hurt the Cuban people, but would not weaken the revolution.

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The government has though repeated its desire to engage in "respectful dialogue" with Washington.

Yesterday, the US President unveiled plans to switch up predecessor Barack Obama's Cuba policy. Trump said he was reimposing certain travel and trade restrictions that had been relaxed by the Obama administration in an attempt to improve relations, criticising it as a "completely one-sided deal".

He isn't though, reversing key diplomatic and commercial ties.

Cuban state TV said: "The government of Cuba denounces the new measures toughening the embargo that are destined to fail."

Trump said his new policy will tighten rules on travel and on sending funds to Cuba.

The President said it was hard to think of a policy "that makes less sense than the prior administration's terrible and misguided deal" with the "brutal" Castro government.

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