Children and teenagers increasingly using non-Netflix services to get their on-demand fix

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Children Interacting With Tablet Technology
Kids increasingly prefer to use a range of streaming services (Source: Getty)

Children and teenagers are increasingly using streaming platforms other than Netflix, as four in 10 choose to watch on-demand more often than live TV.

A study released today by MediaCom showed an increasing preference for on-demand TV, as a third of teenagers regularly watch TV on their smartphones.

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Netflix remains the most popular on-demand service, but was the only streaming platform not to increase its usage rates. Meanwhile Amazon was used by 32 per cent of teens, up from 24 per cent last year, and Now TV and Apple TV also saw growth.

MediaCom CEO Josh Krichefski told City A.M.: "From this study it’s clear that young people don’t appear to have the same brand loyalty to Netflix as slightly older audiences who once saw it as a new and exciting way to view quality film and TV."

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"Younger generations have grown up with various on-demand options and they are picking and choosing for themselves. It’s also often the case that the company that really kick-starts a market eventually becomes seen as ‘old’ or ‘boring’ by consumers – you need only look at the smartphone market as evidence of that."

The findings point to a possible stagnation point in Netflix's growth, after it missed a missed a key subscriptions estimate earlier this year.

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